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RocNext Featured Article: UR Revamping Research Commercialization – Scott Catlin Hired to Oversee Innovation and Technology

RocNext Announcement

Each stage of Scott Catlin’s career has taken him in a slightly different direction, but, as a whole, it amounts to an ideal path leading to his new role as vice president for innovation and technology commercialization at the University of Rochester.

Catlin, who started in the job on March 1, took advantage of an Air Force ROTC program to pay for his college education, but he later recognized how the decision was worth more than cost of tuition.

“Even though I did it originally for financial reasons, I got so much out of it from a leadership and management perspective. If I had known then what I know now, I probably would have done it even if they didn’t pay for school,” said Catlin, who earned a bachelor’s degree in optical engineering at UR in 1992.

Three years later, Catlin graduated from Notre Dame Law School. Afterward he served as a judge advocate general, mainly handling criminal prosecutions before going to work for about a year as a management consultant at Bain Capital.

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