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Upcoming F.I.R.E. Events!

The F.I.R.E. Series returns this fall for another year of exciting topics and fabulous presenters.  For the next few months, we will be revisiting some of the basics of technology transfer.

  • In September, Carissa Childs, Ph.D., J.D. and Ted Merkel, J.D.  from LeClaire Ryan, LLP will discuss issues surrounding the creation and maintenance of a laboratory notebook.  Hopefully, these documents won’t be needed by anyone but your biographer, but if questions arise related to how and when you arrived at your discoveries, your laboratory notebook will hopefully be able to stand up in a court of law.

When:  Thursday, 8 September 2011, 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Where:  Class of ’62 Auditorium, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rooms #G-9425 and 1-9425

  • The technology transfer process begins with the invention disclosure form.  Everything we do after that revolves around the invention.  But just what is an “invention?”  When do you know that you have something worthy of disclosure?  In October, Kathryn Doyle, Ph.D., J.D. from Riverside Law will attempt to answer these very questions.

When:  Thursday, 13 October 2011, 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Where:  Class of ’62 Auditorium, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rooms #G-9425 and 1-9425

In November, we will discuss the basics of patenting in the United States; and in December, we will discuss the basics of the technology transfer process at the University of Rochester.

As always, the F.I.R.E. Series is a free event and open to the public (a small fee for parking may apply).  Registration is appreciated in order to help us get the refreshment order right.

For more information on the F.I.R.E. Series, including past sessions, upcoming events, and information on registration, see



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