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Innovation through Collaboration!!

Hello and welcome to the University of Rochester’s Office of Technology Transfer interactive Blog! We are excited to begin intermingling with all of you! The goal of this social media platform is to promote innovation through collaboration by building a strong network of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Partnerships between academia, industry, and the community have proven to play a vital role in the development of unsurpassed technologies and have become an indispensable tool for long term tech transfer success. Working with one another provides each of us with a variety of valuable skills and perspectives, means to generate new research, and the potential to help local industry expand. This blog will serve as a communication pipeline aimed at advancing and advertising a variety of technologies, events, and entrepreneurial opportunities. The content will be updated regularly and all posts will be open for discussion. We strongly encourage any/all questions, comments, or concerns you may have!

To begin, a brief introduction of technology transfer (for those of you who may be new to the idea entirely and for those of you who may need a quick reminder):  Technology Transfer is the process by which technologies (knowledge, facilities, or capabilities) are further developed to fulfill public and private needs. Our mission here at UR OTT is to help turn scientific progress into tangible products by transferring technology from the researcher to the end-user. Generally speaking, tech transfer is accomplished through licensing intellectual property (IP) to entities that have the resources and desire to develop and produce the technology for specific applications. In return, universities receive payments in the form of cash fees, equity, and/or revenue royalties for the products or services that were licensed. The funds are then pumped back into the institution and distributed among departments based on each university’s specific policy. At UR OTT, our job is to evaluate University of Rochester technologies in regard to patentability and marketability. Our evaluation process involves engaging our researchers, extensively searching for all pertinent prior art (patentability), and reviewing all relevant market reports and projections (marketability). Once we have completed the examination, and if the discovery at hand meets all of the criteria, OTT begins the process of securing intellectual property rights and marketing the technology to potential licensees.

To get the ball rolling on your latest invention, please visit

(Here you will find an Invention Disclosure form – please fill out the form, being as descriptive and instructive as possible, and return it to us at OTT!!)



Welcome to the University of Rochester UR Ventures Interactive Blog!! UR Ventures facilitates the protection of Intellectual Property and the commercialization — or transfer — of technologies resulting from the cutting-edge research being conducted by our world-class scientists, faculty, and staff. We are here to translate scientific innovation into tangible products or methods that advance knowledge and serve the public good while returning income to the inventor and to the University to support further research.

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